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Logistics For Ukraine

What we do:

With the ongoing war in Ukraine, infrastructures are being destroyed or overwhelmed. Basic needs of survival (water, food, medical, hygiene) can’t reach those in need.

This initiative provides logistics support for humanitarian aid to Ukraine, from storage and consolidation to the last mile. 

We aim to support those who like to help but don’t have the logistical resources. Our goal is to create an impact by providing a resilient supply chain for relief goods. Corporates, small NGOs, and private persons can contribute by donating goods as well as financial aid and we ensure that it reaches those in need.

How we do it:

We collect donations from Germany and across Europe and consolidate those in a warehouse in Berlin. The goods are then transported to Ukraine, where they are handed over to our local partner NGOs.

Ways to participate:

  • Do you have a full truckload of goods (> 20 pallets)? We will send a truck! Contact us.
  • Do you have less than a full truckload? Drop the donation at Hive’s warehouse (see below for more information), or reach out to Forto in order to coordinate a pickup from your location.
  • Do you want to make a monetary donation? Click here.

Do you want to make a larger monetary donation or donate a full container of medical aid? Contact us.

Donations in kind

If you are a corporate or a smaller NGO and you need logistics support for your relief goods? Feel free to contact us!

Financial aid

You are a corporate or private person and would like to contribute to the work of our local partners directly?


Logistics for Ukraine map of donation distribution


AidPioneers, Sennder, Hive and Forto are combining their expertise to support NGOs, corporations and private persons that want to support Ukraine but do not have the logistics resources and capacities to do so.

In doing so, we always ensure that the donations always arrive where they are needed. At all times, you will receive a transparent overview of the impact that your donations have created. 

Together, we managed to transport 230+ tonnes of food and other relief goods and supplied 15 hospitals in Ukraine so far. 

To this end, we work exclusively with trustworthy partners. One of the initiatives we currently support is ‘Project C.U.R.E’. This project sources goods and fills up 40-foot containers with a supply of urgent medical goods for hospitals in need. With the support of ‘Project C.U.R.E’, we can source a 40-foot container carrying 350,000 € worth of medical supplies for only 20,000 €, and ship it to Ukraine. By donating, you can help load up their first container.

The Initiators

Send us a request via the email address you will find below.

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